quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010

Hello scrappers from all around the world!!

Hello scrappers!! How about having a blog with a lot of prizes and challenges every month? Seems awesome right? So here I present you --> SCRAP BATTLE --> a blog where you'll fight with your inspiration against others inspirations!
This is how this blog will work : Every month there'll be a sketch or some LO rules... you , scrappers, will have to send me (samar7@sercomtel.com.br) your layoult with your name untill the last day of each month and you'll have your page posted here --> fancy --> and every 2nd day of the following month, i'll pick a winner and this winner will receive a Gift from our Sponsor "GIFTERIA" .
To be able to participate, you'll have to send me (samar7@sercomtel.com.br) a photo of you to my e-mail, and will receive a virtual friendship card that needs to be linked within your blog! That's it ! Now...wait for my first Sketch Challenge of the year ... xoxoxo

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